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Summer Only!

Looking for some Extra Summer Training?

This year we're offering Supplemental summer training for those whose regular programs take a break!

Access to the Following Sessions

June 3 - August 30

2 days a week acrobatic training Tramp, Diving Boards

2 days a week of Calisthenics Dryland Training

2 days a week of Dry Slope Airbag (pending opening date)

 2 days, every other weekend, Red Deer Water Ramps

(pending opening date)

Full Time $2350 (Up to 6 sessions/Week)

Summer 3 $1950 (Up to 3 Sessions/Week)

Summer 2 $1500 (Up to 2 Sessions/Week)

(Prices are for coaching only & do not include GST of associated Venue access costs)

(Full-Time registration includes coaching for scheduled landing bag camps)

Register via Email below


We coach because.....

We coach because of the kids and the passion we have for the sport itself. There is no other feeling quite like helping young athletes further develop their natural persistence, determination, discipline, dedication, resiliency, work ethic, heart, leadership skills, connection with, and respect for others, not only in sport, but in life

The Crew

Rex Thomas

Head Coach,
Program Director

I'm a father, I'm a teacher, I'm a coach. ​

I have been a part of the freeski movement since it began in the late 90's. I began my career in traditional freestyle disciplines, making the Canadian National Development Mogul Team in 99. At this same time I was beginning to receive recognition on the "new school" scene. Summer of 99 I began coaching for the Whistler Summer Ski & Snowboard camp, I filmed with Poor Boyz Productions, Level 1 Productions and Heavy Hitting Films. As my journey down the path of a National Team athlete moved forward I felt the pull towards the park and pipe grow  stronger until finally in January 2000, while at a NorAm in Le Relais QC, I made the decision to quit the Canadian Team. I booked a 59hr Greyhound bus ticket from Calgary AB to Vail CO for the US Freeskiing Open


Ethan Harrison

Head Coach

I grew up in Prince Edward County, in Ontario. Not a whole lot of skiing around those parts, but for as long as I can remember I’ve loved skiing and everything about it. I started competing when I was 15. Throughout my career as an athlete I had jumped around as an athlete, and struggled connecting with coaches, and when I did, there was politics and distance that made things hard for me, until I got the opportunity to move to Calgary and compete with Rex as my coach. When I moved I was 17 and lived alone, so there were a lot of new things for me. Rex and I had an amazing coach/athlete relationship and I looked to him almost as a second father, and guided me really well while I was here. I had many podiums at a provincial level, some top 10’s and Canada Cups, and a 9th at a NORAM. I retired at 18 because of injuries and my multitude of concussions. 


Since then I had been coaching for Agenda Freeski alongside Geoff Lovelace. When the opportunity came to move back to Calgary I couldn’t say no, so September 2022 I loaded my car up and came back, to coach alongside my old coach. 


My philosophy on coaching is quite simple, skiing is fun, so let’s have fun. I believe skill development happens most while having fun, in a fun environment. Everyone learn’s skills at their own pace, though as long as athletes have the right stepping stones, they can accomplish anything. So in my mind, it’s about teaching those stepping stones, whether it’s learning skills on skis, or skills in life. I still learn every day, so if I can pass something down to my athletes I consider that a win.



Slope Coach

Dakota is a style king. That has always been his forte. making every trick and action he does on skis look smooth and effortless. But don't let that fool you. Dakota was a fierce competitor on the Slopestyle Circuit for years. With multiple top 5 finishes at FIS NorAm and AFP Gold and Platinum level events around the world.

He's one of the most genuine people you will ever meet and his smile and love for the sport are infectious. 

After a few years his return has sparked a  revitalized love for the sport. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge that he is more than eager to share with his pupils. His coaching style is much like his skiing style, smooth and relaxed but very much with a "Lets get it done" attitude. 



Pipe and Slope Coach

I have been around the park and pipe community since I was 12 years old and have gone
through the steps from club competitions to the World Cup circuit. I had the pleasure of skiing
for the Canadian halfpipe team for six years before my retirement in May of 2022. In my time of
being with the team, I competed in Nor Am’s, where I podiumed and won on multiple
occasions, as well as on the World Cup circuit for four of my six years, making multiple finals.
On top of results, I had the opportunity of being coached and mentored by some of the best
skiers on the planet, Rex included.

Since my retirement, I have wanted to give back to the ski community for all that it has
given me and what better way to do so than coaching. My goals are to pass on my knowledge
of the sport to the younger generations, whether that be teaching tricks, helping deal with
competition stress, or simply being a positive voice at training. As well, I want to be a role
model that my athletes can look up to and seek guidance from, as I know how much of an
effect my past coaches have had on my life. With these goals in mind, I hope to assist all my
athletes in reaching whatever goals they have in mind.



Pipe Coach

Collin is a former athlete on the World Cup Halfpipe Circuit who skied with the WinSport Academy Pipe team (Next Gen) from 2010-2015. When hes not on the slopes sharing his knowledge and passion you can find him at the lake or on the golf course.

Collin coaches so he can share his knowledge and love for the sport while getting to watch his athlete learn, progress and have fun.

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